Summer Camp

It might seem to you that things are progressing fairly slowly, but, trust me, it’s only a lull before the storm. We are currently working on the new Summer Camp website and we have many more exciting news to share with you! Stay patient for just a while longer :)

In the meantime, remember the good times we had last PHP & eZ summer and check out the first batch of the Summer Camp 2016 workshop videos.

Hotel Lone


Zvonimir has been with us as a student for quite a while now. He turned out to be a great fit for our crew and work style so, as of last month, he is officially our junior backend developer. Welcome, Zvone!

According to his impressions, he is at least as happy to be here as we are to have him. :)

It's been more than a year since I started working at Netgen, but I have a feeling that it’s been much longer. It’s great being here. The crew is awesome, everybody is approachable and wants to help. I learned a lot from older colleagues and still have a lot to learn. The projects are challenging and we solve them as a team. I am more than happy to be a part of the crew.

Having roommates has proven to be both fun and productive, even though finding a place at lunch is pretty challenging.


eZ Publish, our CMS of choice, was awarded Best CMS for Publishers by CMS Critic. We are proud to be business partners with eZ Systems, its creators.

Also, we enjoyed a nice visit from our partners from Norway, Keyteq. Besides working, we managed to save the world - twice!

Bisnode Smartbook is out with us and the application Smart Vision, developed with our partners in Effectiva, inside :)

Last, but not the least, Netgen and Locastic joined forces and successfully finished the Split Half Marathon 2016. Well done!

Stay tuned for more news at our site and social media profiles!