Our January was marked by moving to a new and bigger location and reflecting on 2015, which was amazing for us. Read on!

New office, new beginnings, with a flashback to 2015

We started 2016 with a look back on 2015. Ivo recalled all the investments we made last year and made some predictions for the next one in a 2015 retrospect blog post.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is Ivan’s photo-codewise-summary of 2015 :)

Photo codewise summary 2015

As mentioned in the blog post, last year was a year of investments, most importantly in people, which in turn got our Jarun place a bit crowded. The solution was to move to a bigger office space, so now you can find us at Savska cesta 182, Zagreb (even Che was a bit confused ;)).

In a related news, Netgen is (finally) on Instagram! Follow us, we’re looking forward to talking to you there as well :)

Summer Camp

While waiting for the news on Summer Camp 2016 (coming soon!), enjoy in the PHP & eZ Publish workshop videos we prepared for you around holidays.

eZ Summer Camp 2015 videos

PHP Summer Camp 2015 videos

Don’t forget to save the date! We hope to see you in Rovinj on August 31 - September 3 :)

Conferences & Meetups

Ivo attended the CISEx electoral assembly on January 20. CISEx, Croatian Independent Software Exporters, is an association gathering innovative Croatian software companies.The conclusion drawn at the assembly (in Croatian) show that, despite the circumstances, Croatia has a respectable export sector.


At the eZ Conference in November, Ivo was pronounced the 2015 eZ Social Supporter of the Year. In his interview for eZ Systems, you can find out more about the reasons the eZ community honored him with this award.


Our winter/spring internship gathered some amazing students. Two of them, Mario P. andBožidar, continued working for us after the internship ended, proving themselves to be the right fit for us. We enjoy both working with them and hanging out with them :) Here is what they said about working with us:

Mario: “wrote on my Netgen experience after the internship and I'm happy to inform you that nothing has changed. Netgen crew is still awesome. They are still good people with a sense of humor, always willing to help no matter how much work they have while maintaining the family atmosphere. They are good in what they do and much more. Every one of them is a little encyclopedia of knowledge and I'm trying to absorb as much from them, no matter which domain. And I'm still loving my time here.

Božidar: ”Almost a year has passed since my arrival at Netgen. Since then, many things have changed. Those changes have brought a lot of good and positive experiences for each of us in the company, but especially for me, the new guy. I began working on interesting projects and I have learned a lot from people who have knowledge and experience in my field of interests, but from other colleagues as well. I think that the most important thing is working together in a team when you are facing a problem and that’s what Netgen encourages. Teamwork, interesting tasks, good atmosphere, and a lot of funny moments are the reasons why I don't have a problem going to work every morning. When someone asks me how it is to work at Netgen, I tell them some details and their reaction is usually: “WOW! Lucky you! You should be happy having an opportunity to work in such a place!”, or something like that. I have to agree with them and admit that I really am more than happy. :)

Good to have you aboard, guys!


Our favorite CMS eZ Publish, created by our business partners eZ Systems, was announced the winner of the Best CMS for Publishers category in the 2015 CMS Awards by CMS Critic. Congrats for another business and community recognition!

Due to the joint work efforts, we were happy to host our partners from Prime. Besides being amazing partners, they always bring us chocolate :)

Also, every 4th Monday of January Community Managers Appreciation Day takes place, this year on January 25. Hope you showed your CM how much you value them! :)

Till next month!