Summer Camp

The Web Summer Camp preparations are heating up, there were plenty of news last month! First things first, Super Early Bird tickets ended - June was the month of Early Birds. This month only get your ticket at a regular price, don’t be a late bird. ;) Track the Camp on Lanyrd and and confirm you are attending!

Ivo’s told us more about the tickets as well as the Summer Camp essence, program, and much more. You can also read more on the Camp on the websites of our Media Partners, Netokracija (in Croatian) and CMS Report, while Bruno Škvorc of Sitepoint wrote on our Companions program (which has been confirmed, thank you all!)

The program is complete! There are still a few minor things to confirm but, overall, we are thrilled with this year’s lineup and talks. Check them out on the PHPeZ Publish, and Design topic pages, where you can also find convenient letters to convince your boss you should come. :)

Another big news are Extras! Some things stayed the same, some others are new - check them out!

Boat trip swim

Don’t forget you can find all the info on travel and accommodation, along with the nicetailored map of Rovinj for Web Summer Camp participants on our Venue page.

We always put all our efforts into organizing the best Summer Camp there is. However, there are many things that would be much harder or nearly impossible to accomplish without the support of our amazing sponsors - EZ Systems, CJW Network, Keyteq, Prime, JetBrains, KNP Labs, Liip, Sulu CMS, deepblue networks, Ultima, Kaliop Interactive Media, Code4Hire, pixelart, Creative Nights and supporters CEA (Croatian Employers’ Association) and CISEx (Croatian Independent Software Exporters), along with the above-mentioned media partners!

Conferences & Meetups

For the first time ever, a Sylius Meetup was held in Croatia! It was organized by Symfony Croatia and sponsored by Netgen and Locastic. Most importantly, we had a good time and can’t wait to do it again soon.

Our Mario was one of the panelists on PHP Talks in Osijek where they discussed how they learned PHP (our favorite language :)) and Ivo went to Basel for CMS experts group meeting - CMS Experts Europe.

Sites launched

June was marked by the release of a completely redesigned website for Bordeaux Winesin French - The design and frontend were done by our partnerPrime while we handled the development. We are currently working on the other language versions of the site, as this is the go-to page for wine lovers interested in Bordeaux.


Edi informed us of a great news: our Tags Bundle for eZ Platform and eZ Publish surpassed 20 000 installs! Kudos to the team. :) Find out more about Netgen Tags Bundle and some of our other open-sourced solutions.


June was once again a perfect time to gather our little work family in one place for aNetgen Meetup. As you can see on the cover photo, we were fully immersed in work. And food. ;)

Also, final applications for the summer internship were reviewed, we picked the lucky students and they are starting soon. :)

Till September!