Summer Camp

With Summer Camp 2016 approaching fast, we were working on a new website. Check it out to see all the improvements and info on the topics, travel and accommodation, and venue. Stay tuned and follow us on social media of your choice, more news coming soon!

Web Summer Camp, Rovinj

Conferences & Meetups

At the beginning of the month, Maja went to Ladies of New Business conference, organized by Netokracija. The conference, whose idea was to gather women in the digital industry to discuss the challenges they face in the ICT field, inspired her to consider the role of women in the web industry.

Having supporting students and their work for years, Maja and Ivo represented us atZlatni indeks award ceremony, where we were recognized as friends of students.

Sites launched

March was marked by the release of a completely redesigned website for Planète Santé, a Swiss medical portal for general public. Project lead and design were provided by our partner Prime and implemented by us.


We selected a few of our open-source extensions, tools, and solutions, mostly for the new eZ stack, and gathered them in one place. We hope you’ll make use of them :)

Edi released the new versions of legacy eZ Tags extension and Tags Bundle. eZ Tags 2.1brings custom edit views for eztags content object attribute while Tags Bundle 2.2 comes with complete REST API support for manipulating tags.

A while ago, Mario B. explained how to test with Behat, which got Filip to explore an approach to using Behat in eZ sites.

Ivo raised the question of transition to the new eZ stack and eZ community’s part in it, emphasizing the importance of the community and contributing back. On that track, he also proposed two approaches for making it easy for new developers to start using eZ Platform (not bothering them with legacy) as well as making it possible to gradually migrate existing projects to the new stack. Join the discussions!

We are also proud of our Ivo for having been chosen as a member of the new eZ Community Board. Congrats Ivo, congrats everybody, and continue with your great work with and for the eZ community!


Also, last month we had some great guests, a partner from Switzerland and a client from Norway :)

With a great month behind us, we’re working on an even better one!