Conference Coverages

Hrvoje Tomić | 18. 6. 2015.

Kerning, the Trip to Italy

Want to mingle and have a great discussion with famous typeface designers? Want to learn about web design, front-end development and web typography? If that is the case, Kerning Conference is a great conference for you to attend.

Ivo Lukač | 17. 9. 2015.

The Future Looks Bright(on)

This is a short review of Vjeran and me visiting dConstruct conference in Brighton last week, with a few related remarks. The conference is a think-outside-the-box kind of event, an inspiration and a chance to see what’s around the corner. The theme of the conference was “Designing the Future”.

Edi Modrić | 28. 9. 2015.

SymfonyLive London 2015 – eZ Publish & Sylius integration

The SymfonyLive conferences are a great way to meet Symfony experts from all around the world. They are being held in several cities this year alone: Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and London.

Igor Vrdoljak | 25. 11. 2015.

An eZ Week in NYC

Earlier this year, when it was announced that eZ Conference 2015 is going to be held in New York, I had mixed feelings about the place of business. Two ten-hour-long plane trips and seven days out of the office seemed like quite an investment, but since we are building Netgen to be the top eZ expert, New York was the place to be.

Tomislav Buljević | 10. 12. 2015.

SymfonyCon Paris 2015 - 10 years of Symfony

A lot of heartfelt moments have been shared on the SymfonyCon stage a couple of days ago in Paris at the third official SymfonyCon and the celebration of 10 years of Symfony framework - and we got to be there! So, read on, and we will share our impressions with you.

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An eZ week in NYC

We were hard at work in November - launching websites, traveling for the conferences, mingling with the community. Read on to find out more!

Netgen crew dConstructs Brighton and wins London!

September was an eventful month. Although Summer Camp 2015 is behind us, the preparations for the next one have already started, and we also traveled for some great conferences. Read on!

Summer Camp was amazing, looking forward to the London adventures!

These summer months were marked by well-deserved vacations and 4th in a row eZ Publish & PHP Summer Camp. So, what did we do?